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We take this opportunity to give an introduction of our company to learn more about our Activities and scope of work. Shiv Industries was founded in 1999 with our experience to design, manufacture and supply top quality ventilation system for use as factory buildings, warehouses, workshops, aircraft hangars, sports halls, supermarkets, various type of industrial sheds. The most notable advantages of ventilation are zero operating cost, fast result, zero maintenance cost, ease of future expansion and unique attractive Infrastructure :- We are backed by a well set up unit of infrastructure, where we design our Industrial Equipment with precision. It is resourced with advanced machines and tools that are mandatory for the leading smooth production process. Research and Development :- We are engaged in conducting proper R&D at our unit to improvise our existing range of products. Our R&D experts make use of latest tools and instruments to ensure that these activities are carried in proper manner. Our professionals conduct experiments and market surveys at regular intervals. The results of these experiments are incorporated in our production procedures. This not only helps us in improving the quality of our range of products but curbing the production cost as well. Product Ranges :- Air ventilator Attic exhaust fan Commercial exhaust fans Eco ventilator Exhaust fan system Fresh air ventilators Industrial exhaust fan Industrial air ventilators Natural ventilation Power less ventilator Roof top ventilator Roof exhaust fan Roof extractor Turbine roof ventilator Shed ventilator Wind driven ventilators Zero gravity roof ventilator Warehousing and Packaging :- We have established a huge warehouse at our unit to make sure that the bulk requirements of our clients are met in shortest possible time frame. This warehouse is divided into several sections for separate storage of our industrial air ventilators; semi-finished products as well as the raw material. Our storekeepers keep a close check over the stored range of products and raw material to make sure that it remains free from any damage. Strategically located, this storage unit is well connected with the major ship ports and air ports. Equipment :- Lathe Equipment Metal cutters M.S & S.S Welding Equipment Semi Auto milling Equipment Power press Balance Equipment Hydraulic power Press Shaping Equipment Cutter Equipment Drill Equipment Tool Grinding Machine Hand press Equipment Cutting Equipment Slotting Equipment Metal hard Testing Instrument Hand operating cutter Hand Grinder Equipment Hand Drill Equipment We Are Supported By :- Qualified engineers Sales and marketing executives Research and development executives Technical experts Procuring agents Production personnel Quality controllers Why Us? We successfully edge over our competitors in the market and have earned the reliance of our clients owing to the following attributes : Efficient management Modern operational systems Uncompromising quality control Dynamic workforce Ethical business practices Competitive prices Prompt delivery We are the Leading Air Ventilator, Turbine Attic Ventilator, Roof Extractor Fan, Industrial Exhaust Fan, Polycarbonate Ventilator Base Plate, Stainless Steel Air Ventilator, Powerless Air Ventilator, Rooftop Air Ventilator, Turbo Ventilator, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator, Wind Ventilator, Motorized Roof Air Ventilator, Natural Air Ventilator, Eco Ventilator, FRP Based Turbo Ventilator, Roofing Sheet, Galvalume Steel Sheets, Galvanized Steel Sheet, Wall Cladding Roofing Sheet, Energy Saving Air Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India

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We are the Leading Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India
We are the Leading Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India
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Air Ventilator
Air Ventilator INR 0 INR 0 Installed Turbo Roof Air Ventilator On roof, and get Great Results. We make available Air Ventilators of different types such as Eco Air Ventilator, Energy Saving Air Ventilator, FRP Based Turbo Air Ventilator, Motorized Roof Air Ventilator and many more. We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Air Ventilators. The manufacturing of our Air Ventilators is done using the latest techniques under the strict vigilance of experts. We can provide Customized Air Ventilators, to meet specific requirements of buyers. Working Air Turbo Ventilator works on wind energy & allows natural air to the building & exhaust hot air, which provides the best ventilation with natural daylights & fresh air for 24 hrs 365 Days. Wind drop air turbo ventilator rotates & creates negative pressure within the building, which will act forced ventilation & maintain room temp. Highlights : Choice of the metal, size, numbers and installation of Air Ventilators depends on factors like wind velocity, temperature different claim, shop environmental conditions, size of the building, location of the building and profile of the roof. Air Roof ventilator functions with the help of Wind Force, which induces Energy and Impeller gets Centrifugal action that produces Air Flow.Rotating Vanes creates Low Pressure Zone inside the shed which Draws Fresh Air from Outside. Thus replaces Polluted Air / Hot Features :- Size : SIze : 21, 22 , 24 and 28 inchs Type : Type : Fully Automatic Material : Made our of Aluminium Color : As per Clint Requirment Place of Origin : India Installation : Free Of cost Additional Information :- Product Code : SI AV Delivery Time : as per clint requirment Packaging Details : Wooden Packing If require We are the Leading Air Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696190
Turbine Air Ventilator
Turbine Air Ventilator INR 0 INR 0 We are one of the leading Turbine Air Ventilator Suppliers, Manufacturers and Exporters based in Vadodara, Gujarat. We offer technologically advanced Turbine Air Ventilators that are specially designed and manufactured in compliance with internationally accepted quality and performance standards. In addition to this, our Turbine Attic Ventilator is also tested for designing flaws of other factors that may hamper their performance. The Wind Turbine Ventilator provided by us uses wind energy and therefore environment friendly and cuts operational cost to minimum. Construction and Design :- Fabricated using superior quality bright Aluminum or stainless steel material, our double curved vanes are specifically designed to withstand climatic extremities and offer durability and efficiency. The unique construction of this Air Turbine Ventilator makes it light in weight. It also has specialized water spill deflection gills provided under groves. Attributes :- No power exhausting Anti-acid-base Anti- erosion Long-lived used No noise No pollution Environmental protection Improving the air quality Raising working efficiency Conveniently setting up and so on Applications :- Chemical industry Light industry Food Medicine Textile & dye Metallurgy Electrical power Construction Tunnel Machine and hotel Cinema & marketplace Widely used to exhaust :- Smoke Dust Poisonous gases Humidity Fumes Heat Invisible irritants We are the Leading Turbine Air Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696287
Powerless Air Ventilators
Powerless Air Ventilators INR 0 INR 0 As a renowned Air Ventilator Manufacturer, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of Powerless Air Ventilators, which are popular in various industries for giving efficient performance without raising the production cost. The excellent ventilation facility of our Turbine Air Ventilator is one of the key reasons of its popularity among clients. Attributes :- Has no operating cost Gives excellent ventilation performance Long functional life Required low maintenance Provides hassle free operation in high temperature Assured results Application Areas :- Boiler Furnace Oven Sheds Curing and Drying Areas Casting and Molding Sheds Workshops Process area utility sheds DG Sheds Compressor Houses Power House Packing Area Go-Downs Other Information :- Works minus noise Non resistant from sunlight and rain Available in aluminum and stainless steel Works with natural wind energy Literally maintenance free Easy to installation any type of roof Works on the natural movement of wind energy Works even at the slowest velocity of wind Turbo vent is definitely a revolution in the world of attic ventilators Reducing odor and expelling hot air Providing natural fresh air minus contaminants that get diluted in air Minimizing adverse health effects Encouraging working productivity Saving ventilator works on the principle of centrifugal forces Utilizing the natural air, when it blows, the spinning blades create a low pressure region that attracts air to go through Replacing by fresh air from outside Moving blades even at low wind speed We are the Leading Powerless Air Ventilators Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696387
Rooftop Air Ventilator
Rooftop Air Ventilator INR 0 INR 0 Manufacturers of roof Ventilators, Chimney Cowl, Natural Ventilation, High Quality Products at Best Price. Shiv Industries is one of the leading Roof Turbo Ventilator Suppliers and Manufacturers in India. These Rooftop Air Ventilators are designed after the research of many years by experts. These Rooftop Air Ventilators come with unique facilities that make them applicable in various industries. Specifications :- Technically advanced Based on latest principle of operation Wind powered roof mounted ventilators that are designed to withstand high wind speeds Made up of closely spaced profiled vanes, these are rain water & bird proof Capable of removing heat, dust and fumes Centrifugal force created by rotating vanes of turbo vent Suited for buildings with explosive environment Can be easily mounted on any roofing Assured ventilation Superior in performance Environment friendly Sturdy in construction Light in weight Cost effective No maintenance cost Used for all Industries :- Automobiles and Auto Ancillaries Industries Construction and Infrastructure Industries Chemical Industry Paper, Printing, Publishing and Packaging Industries Iron Steel & Metal Industries Food & Drugs Industries All Light Factory Garments and Textile Industries Food Industries Drugs & Chemicals Industries Petroleum, Oil Industries Lubricants Gas Refineries Machine and Hotel Cinema & Marketplace Etc. We are the Leading Rooftop Air Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696465
Turbo Ventilator
Turbo Ventilator INR 0 INR 0 Light Weight, Durable, Maintenance Free Turbo Ventilator Manufacturer by Shiv Industries. Shiv Industries is a renowned Air Ventilator Manufacturer in India. The company offers one stop shop for the purchase of Turbo Ventilator, which are designed with precision by the skilled technicians. The efficiency to perform in adverse conditions of our Turbine Air Ventilators has earned us a huge clientele in the nationwide markets. Advantage of Turbo ventilator : New Technology without power and operating cost Easy to install and can be fitted to any type of roofing and RCC slab Maintenance and noise free ventilator Long-lived used Environmental protection, Economical and environmental friendly Improving the air quality to Raising working efficiency Maximum energy utilization & performance of exhaust suction Vanes prevents water entering the turbine by means of under groves 80% depreciation under section 32 of IT act Weathered & Storm proof Teflon Pre sealed or SKF ZZ Bearing Replacing hot air, humid air, stale air, smoke, dust & gas fumes, with fresh & ambient air Fabricated, using premium quality raw material Working Principal It utilizes wind energy to include air flow by centrifugal action. The Centrifugal force generated by the rotating vanes creates low pressure zone, which draws fresh air from outside even after the stoppage of wind. Requirement of Air Ventilator Numbers of Ventilators Required = Ventilation Rate Q/Exhaust Capacity Required Ventilation Rate Q (cfm) = Volume x Air Change Rate/60 Volume of Spare to be Ventilated (ft3) = 1 x w x h Select Exhaust Capacity from Table B as per your required temp. Diff oC and Wind Velocity (MPH) Ideal for all industries. We are the Leading Turbine Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696523
Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator
Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator INR 0 INR 0 We make available Air Ventilators of different types such as wind Ventilator, Energy Saver. Shiv Industries is the trusted manufacturer and exporter of Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators, which are widely demanded by those industries where emitting excessive heat can damage roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. Our Wind Ventilator helps to ventilate hot emission and replace it with the fresh air from outer, there by preserving the life of the roof. Engineered to exhaust Industrial pollutants such as :- Smoke Dust Poisonous gases Humidity Fumes Heat Invisible irritants Specifications :- Provide energy free cooling & fresh air throughout the year Functions & performs with the unlimited energy source like wind energy Save cost of exhaust fans, wiring, maintenance, etc Provides a safe, cool, healthier & more controlled environment Remove entrapped heat & industrial emission Ensure the health of workers Do not require operating time Continuously work in motion with the wind Removes moisture laden air in the winter & extremely hot attic air in the summer Spins with the slightest breeze Creating an upward draft to draw air out of the attic Located at the top most point of the roof to give optimum ventilation Prevents down draft in to the building allowing air entry from the side openings Pleasant looking and enhances architectural looks Prevents condensation at the bottom of the roof Designed to withstand winds in excess of 140 Km / hr Exhausts hot air due to stack effect even when there is no wind Smooth and quiet operation Functioning :- Takes advantage of the wind to create a positive flow through the throat of the ventilator Wind influences the performance of the ventilator in two ways : First, wind approaches and strikes the ventilator, creating an area of low pressure on the leeward side of the turbine Low pressure zone is fed by drawing air from the turbine Causing a continuous extraction of air from the building Secondly, by turbine rotating, the centripetal forces associated with the rotation fling air outwards form the tips of the vanes Air is drawn into the throat of the ventilator from the building causing continuous ventilation Turbine will even rotate and exhaust in the absence of wind using the thermal currents developed within the building We are the Leading Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator Manufacturers, supplies and exporters in Vadodara, Gujarat | India True 1518696622
Roofing Sheet
Roofing Sheet INR 275 INR 275 We are engaged in offering Corrugated Roofing Sheets to a large number of customers. Procured from our reliable and trusted vendors, these roofing sheets provide consistency in strength along and across the sheets, are dimensionally stable and have low thermal conductivity. Owing to the multiple properties, these sheets can be availed at reasonable rates. Salient features of our profile: Easy to fix Fire resistant Non corrosive Best balance between coverage and strength High ribbed profile for better support on longer spans High trapezoidal crest for adequate drainage and aesthetic appeal Hexagonal trapezoid for best load distribution Anti capillary groove to ensure zero leakage as a result of capillary action Scientific design for usage in high wind load areas also Suitable for Roofing/ Cladding/ Barricading and other applications True 1518758999
PPGI n PPGL Roofing sheet
PPGI n PPGL Roofing sheet INR 0 INR 0 We are the celebrated wholesalers and distributor’s of Roofing Sheets that can be availed in various colors, sizes, heights, thickness, and coatings as per the requirements. Roofing sheets offer protection and ample amount of ventilation at lower costs. Owing to the sturdy construction and reliable performance, these sheets are high in demand. Specifications: Corrugated Roofing Sheets Combination Coating Type of coating Coating Mass Base Metal Thickness Ysd Paint coating 99.5% Zn IS: 14246 / RMP/SMP 120 gsm High Tensile /CR 047 mm to .8mm 245 to Top Coat:20 to 30 Microns JIS :3312 345 Mpa Bottom Coat: 5 to 10 Microns Al 55%Zn 43.4%Si 1.6% As 1397-93 RMP/SMP 150 gsm High Tensile Steel 0 47 mm to 0.5 mm 550 Mpa Al 55%Zn 43.4%Si 1.6% As 1397-93 RMP/SMP 150 gsm High Tensile Steel 0 47 mm to 0.5 mm 550 Mpa Top Coat:20 to 30 Microns Bottom Coat: 5 to 10 Microns Application: Right Product for right Applications: Choose correct material/thickness/profile/coating for all application. Thickness: 0.5mm TCT for general use, for long spans, use higher thickness. 1060 Profile suited to handle most applications, only under very special requirement of very high wind loads (severe cyclone areas only) we recommend higher corrugation profiles False 1518759095
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